Mother - to - Mother. Charlotte Wighton on how she likes to raise strong, confident children.

Mother - to - Mother. Charlotte Wighton on how she likes to raise strong, confident children.

Introducing Charlotte Wighton to M. Magazine.
She is a mother of two beautiful girls, a Wiradjuri woman of Indigenous Australian Lienage and a very talented photographer, who has most recently launched her brand new fashion label for mother and child, Land and Honey.

We talk to Charlotte about the beauty of motherhood, the simple things she does to take care of herself and her family, and what she does to raise strong, confident children.

The words that come to mind about being a mum of two.

Words that come to mind about being a mum of two would strongly have to start with PRIMAL followed by LOVE, followed by Versatility and Patience. Also blessed. 

What do you like to do to raise strong, confident and well-rounded children. 

To encourage strength, confidence and to nurture my children's large life forces I like to allow them to have an opinion on their own choices as an individual mini human.

I like them to have the option of a couple of choices regarding food, play, feelings, clothing so they feel more in control and can find an easier acceptance of the outcomes following these choices. 

I like to implement wisdom, nature and feelings into most activities and daily rituals so my children grow to have an awareness of the beauty and importance of life.

Looking after yourself is important for both you, and the baby.
What are your self care rituals.

For me, cleanliness is my number one ritual. This consists of having a cleaning routine for the house in place, bathing myself regularly and following these with smaller rituals such as my essential oils, skin care, listening to music and embracing and practicing the sentimental rituals such as photos, calling loved ones, talking about childhood memories and personality traits.

Practicing these regularly as well as spending time in nature and around animals is how I take care of myself whilst being a mother.

Your new label Land and Honey launching soon – congratulations!
Can you tell us a little bit about this.

Fashion is something I've always loved since I was a little girl. I find it a very special way to express who you are in the moment. I love that it can evolve with you over the different phases of life.

I found that shopping for myself as a woman was always separate from shopping for my children as well as myself as a mother. 

I wanted to create a space that embraces all of these in one, whilst including my love for timelessness, art, sustainability and creativity. 

See Land and Honey here.

What has been the one thing that surprised you the most about motherhood. 

The unconditional love. The purpose and the reason. 

What has your breastfeeding journey been like?
Have you had some highs and lows?

Personally, I have had two amazing breastfeeding journeys and experiences.

I have not faced any challenges which I am very grateful for.

Whilst I have had these positive experiences I have also taken the time to educate myself on the challenges that mothers can face during breastfeeding and I am always aware and conscious about the many different journeys of breastfeeding faced by mothers and children. 

Your favourite postpartum products you’ve fallen in love with.

1. The MUMMA MILLA leakproof bras.
2. Mammae The Embodied Mother Nursing ritual elixir.
3. Artipoppe carrier
4. Bare Mum Herbal infused postpartum pads
5. A Hot water bottle


How did you find birth the second time around?
Did you do anything different to prepare for it?

I found birth the second time round the most awakening experience.

 I was prepared mentally by embracing my first birth but also not having too many "Plans" or "expectations" in place.

I spoke out loud to my partner and birth team, "my mum" and "midwives" about the things I'd like to "Try" differently to my first and I regularly reminded myself that it will happen at its own pace. 

I am very blessed to have had two natural, 7.5 hour labours without any complications. I have never felt more embodied and capable as I have in both my labours. I can not wait to do it all over again!

Your favourite quick meal you put together when life is busy.

Porridge, toast, soup.


What are some of your favourite things to do in your spare time?

I love taking photos, spending time with horses and rearranging my space at home. 


What have you been wearing and living in during your postpartum period. 

I have lived in Land and Honey, MUMMA MILLA bralettes, Deiji pajamas and any other comfy pajamas.

I would live in PJ's if I could... 

The one thing you love about the MUMMA MILLA bralettes

They are SO soft and they sit so gently on my skin, the seamlessness of these pieces are my favourite. 


Your advice to new mums out there

Speak up about what you need guilt free and be in control, self care rituals, journaling and surrounding yourself around people and lifestyles that align with you will help you grow into the amazing mother you aspire to be and already are.

There is no right or wrong. 


Charlotte wears our leakproof bandeau bralette in black as well as the leakproof night bralette in black with her 4 week old daughter, Silky,

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