Why Leakproof

MUMMA MILLA has been designed + developed by a mother of two, who ventured down breastfeeding journeys with both of her boys.

She wished for a bra, that she could wash and rotate with a built in leakproof pad that would enable her to say goodbye to her all-time pet-hate, disposable nursing pads.

So after years of research and development MUMMA MILLA was born.

The leakproof bralettes are made with three layers of fabric that work together to prevent leaks. The first layer is a soft, absorbent moisture wicking fabric that absorbs milk and helps to prevent wetness from feeling uncomfortable against the skin. The second layer is a water-resistant barrier that stops leaks from getting through to the third layer, which is a soft, breathable fabric that feels comfortable against the skin.

The combination of these three layers of fabric makes MUMMA MILLA leakproof bralettes a great option for women who are looking for a comfortable and reliable way to prevent leaks during breastfeeding, and for those who are wanting to be comfortable throughout the pregnancy journeys too.