Your 10 "Breast-Friends" for Breastfeeding

Your 10 "Breast-Friends" for Breastfeeding

The Top 10 "breast-friend" products that will keep you comfortable during your breastfeeding journey.

Whilst packing your hospital bag with slippers, undies and onesies and filling the drawers in your baby's nursery, we sometimes may forget about the items we'll need to keep us comfortable and healthy for a breastfeeding journey ahead.

We've compiled a list of our 10 favourite breastfeeding products.

The List:

#1: A comfy Nursing Chair - The Nuage Jolie Rocker

Nursing is a precious ritual – and while you’re nourishing your baby, you deserve an empathetically-designed chair to support you. The Jolie Rocker and Ottoman set is an elegant blend of style and structure that will seamlessly flatter your home’s existing colour palette, with a grand silhouette that punctuates the room.  The extra tall nursing pillow provides enhanced support for weary backs and can be interchanged with the lower pillow in the set for a relaxed lounge aesthetic, while the Ottoman relieves lower back tension for comfort beyond compare. 

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#2: A soothing-night light - The Glow Easy

Induce a deep sleep with authentic true Pink Noise (world first engineering design) and block out background noises.
- Naturally Produce Melatonin (Red LED Light Therapy)
Timer feature, to run all night long or just at bedtime.

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#3: Postpartum multi-vitamin - The Tenth Co.

Whilst breastfeeding it's important to make sure all of your vitamins and minerals are kept at their optimum. Flow State by The Tenth Co is your 5-in-1 Postpartum depletion supplement, to relieve fatigue, support energy production, calm the mind and support healthy mood balance; plus supporting your hair, skin & nails.

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#4: Prevent sore nipples - Silverettes.

Sterling silver nursing cups designed to take the pain out of establishing breastfeeding. Silverette Nursing Cups are crafted out of pure 925 sterling silver and 100% nickel free, these medical-grade nursing cups fit over and help to protect and repair nipples and surrounding skin that is sore, cracked and sensitive from breastfeeding.

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#5: Wire-free, leakproof nursing bra - MUMMA MILLA.

With an ultra feminine, modern scallop design, our leakproof bralettes have been designed with flexibility in mind.

With built-in, non-removable leakproof layers to catch your breastfeeding leaks, along with elasticated and adjustable spaghetti straps, this pregnancy and postpartum staple will keep you feeling chic, comfortable and confident pre and post-birth.

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#6: Probiotics - QIARA

Easy to take and dosed in individually sealed sachets, the probiotic strain in Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding was originally found in and isolated from breastmilk and not only supports gastrointestinal and immune system health, but also helps to stimulate a healthy immune system response for both mum and baby.

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#7: Breast massage  - The Lactamo Ball

Here to help with breastfeeding. The Lactamo breastfeeding ball combines temperature, movement and compression. This combination helps with common breastfeeding problems including engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis, oversupply, undersupply and the let-down reflex. Heatable, coolable and reusable.

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#8: Nipple Butter - Pure MAMA Nipple Butter.

This 100% natural and organic butter instantly soothes, nourishes and restores dry and cracked nipples. A nutrient-rich and expertly formulated blend, the butter uses the highest calibre , plant-based ingredients including Calendula, NZ Native Kawakawa, Shea Butter, and Marshmallow Root extract to help ease discomforts, restore skin and support skin resilience.

With an easy flip-top lid, this non-sticky, gentle buttery balm is fragrance and lanolin free, plus there is no need to wash off before feeding.

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#9: Re-usable breast milk bags for storage - Meke Baby.

240ml Silicone Reusable Milk Storage Bags in a set of four. These bags serve as an excellent alternative to disposable plastic milk storage bags, promoting eco-friendliness. Constructed with food-grade silicone, they can be reused multiple times, reducing environmental waste. The bags feature a convenient large plug, enabling easy pouring of expressed breast milk directly into the pouch. Once filled, they can be securely sealed and closed using the handle. Designed to be fridge and freezer friendly, these silicone milk bags can be stored flat or upright, adapting to your storage preferences.

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#10: Boost milk supply- Lactation Cookies

Mama Goodness Almond Cacao Cookies are organic, plant-powered and built on the nutritious energy of oats, almonds and cacao nibs. With the addition of omega-rich hemp, chia and flax seeds, and the natural sweetness of coconut sugar, they make the perfect snack for people of all ages and stages in life.

The only lactation cookie brand to use oat flour as the primary ingredient in our cookies. As well as being a rich galactagogue, oats provide essential nutrients for postpartum energy production including iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. Add a healthy dose of fibre and prebiotics to support digestion, and if that’s not an excuse to eat three cookies at a time, we don’t know what is!

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