How to choose the right Nursing Bra to suit you.

How to choose the right Nursing Bra to suit you.


Finding the perfect bra for you, especially during pregnancy and post-birth can be a game changer, and guess what, it can be an easy thing to achieve if you know what to look for.

During pregnancy and nursing times, your breast and body fluctuations can go through a rollercoaster of changes, so it's important to try and find something that will give you a little bit of longevity so you are not buying too many different sizes along the way.

It is invaluable to invest in quality bras that are designed to work with your body
in it's state of flux. Having the correct type of nursing bra will result in a
more comfortable and easier breastfeeding experience too.

When you're trying to determine the best options for maternity / nursing bras it's important to consider the following recommendations:

Top Tips

1. Looking for a bra that's materials are made from breathable fabrics, but also stretchy and buttery soft in nature so they can accomodate your changing breast size. Comfort is the number one priority for you both during your pregnancy and postpartum, when your rib-cage expands from the baby, as well as breasts becoming engorged when milk comes in a few days post-delivery.

2. You can tell you're wearing a well fitted bra when it doesn't dig, poke, or pull to cause discomfort. It needs to be comfortable when you are moving around, and most importantly when you are lying down as you will be resting and recovering horizontally for periods of time post-birth.

3. The bra straps are not designed to do the "hard work". The support from the bra should come from the band, and not the straps themselves. The band needs to hug the body nicely, not be too tight, or too lose, as this will mean the straps will be bearing the weight which can cause them to dig into your shoulders.

4. A "night" bra is a great option for pre and post-birth, especially those first few weeks of breastfeeding when breasts may be tender, engorged and establishing milk supply. Most night bras are comfortable, non-restrictive designs perfect for lounging around the house pre and post-delivery, and give you that gentle support whilst you sleep.

5. Stay away from underwire bras that can dig into your fluctuating breast tissue, which can cause clogging of milk ducts/ mastitis. It's important to find a soft cup bra.

6. There are so many eco friendly materials to choose from these days, and luckily the hypoallergenic /moisture wicking options are great options for nursing bras. With breastfeeding and leaks, it's important to keep nipple health in check and not wear a bra that is non-breathable and restrictive.

7. Read reviews. Before you buy a bra, read reviews from other mothers to see
what they think about the fit, comfort of the bra you are looking at.

Here at MUMMA MILLA we have a collection of leakproof nursing bralettes that encapsulate all of the above tips for finding the right nursing bra for you.

Designed and developed by a mum of two after her breastfeeding journey with both of her boys. She was  incredibly frustrated with what nursing options were available and was tired of going through copious amounts of disposable nursing pads. After years of development, she designed a bra that not only was leakproof but also ticked all the boxes of finding that perfect nursing bra you didn't want to rip off as soon as you got home.

Jen wears the Leakproof Night bralette in black.

#1: It’s super absorbent

Leakproof Convenience. MUMMA MILLA is an eco-friendly option for feeling
confident and dry with 3 protective layers and a absorbent inner core for
wicking away leaks. Say goodbye to using copious amounts of environmentally damaging disposable nursing pads. Never mind the frustration of having to reach for another pair of disposable nursing pads in the middle of the night!

#2: It doesn’t look like a traditional maternity bra.

All the MUMMA MILLA leakproof bralettes have been designed to not only look chic, but be functional too, so we can feel "good" during a time where our bodies go through such a rollercoaster of change. The bras and cami's feature zero hooks, clips, clasps and hooks. Completely seamless and designed with an ultra stretchy fabric these bras can be pulled up / down over the breast, so you don't have fiddly clips to deal with.

#3: There's a special bralette for nighttime wear.

The leakproof night bralette offers support and protection during your sleep hours and the bralettes have been mindfully designed for hours of nursing ahead with effortless pull-down and lift-up breastfeeding access thanks to the super stretchy material and no fiddly clips to deal with. The built in leakproof layers will catch your spills so you don't wake up in a pool of milk, or wet PJ's.

#4: It won’t dig in, make you feel hot or constricted. 

All made from a buttery soft modal fabric, they are hypoallergenic, breathable and hug your body in all the right places. Designed to be super stretchy so they grow with your body during pregnancy and postpartum.

#5: Good for the environment.

An eco-friendly option for feeling confident and dry with it's 3 protective layers and inner core for absorbency. Say goodbye to using copious amounts of environmentally damaging disposable nursing pads. 

Here are some other websites that list MUMMA MILLA as one of their favourite Nursing Bras.

1. One Fine Baby : 5 reasons why they love the MUMMA MILLA Leakproof Nursing Bras.

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3. Bounty Parents : MUMMA MILLA as #1 for the best maternity bras.

Jessica Nguyen wears the Leakproof Day Bralette in black.

Customer Review via Bounty Parents Australia.

"I really was super impressed with this bra from Mumma Milla. Super soft and comfortable with the added leak proof benefit built into the bra. I found that these worked well with light leakage, but preferred to wear an additional breast pad for extra protection in those heavier moments. The bra is really flattering and felt really good under a variety of styles of t-shirts and tops. The material in particular is just gorgeous to touch and felt so good on the skin. I ended up buying these in nude and black as just loved them under my outfits. Highly recommend this bra and really enjoyed using it."


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