Marketing, Mothering and Balancing the Two. Meet Tarra Chong - Head of Marketing for Faithfull the Brand

Marketing, Mothering and Balancing the Two. Meet Tarra Chong - Head of Marketing for Faithfull the Brand

Meet Tarra Chong.
Mother of two, fashion muse, post publisher, and now head marketing guru at Faithfull The Brand. Based in Sydney, Tarra talks to us at M. Magazine about how she ended up in the fashion industry, how her career has evolved and what her tips are for juggling career and two babies.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a mother of two, born in Australia in a small beach town and I am half Chinese descent.
The evolution of your career. Where did it start, what did you do in between, and what are you up to now.

My first taste of the fashion industry was at VOGUE when I became of age and this was via a random meet on a family holiday in Thailand where my family and I became friends with the deputy editor at the time. I was 13 and so keen to get into fashion so I waited a couple of years until I could intern and my first opportunity was the launch of VOGUE Girl in Australia.
From there I continued in publishing at magazines with a side shuffle into PR.
I moved to London when I was 24 and worked freelance at some incredible companies like Net-a-Porter, Matches and ELLE UK.
Once I came home to Australia, it was evident that publishing had big changes coming and already implemented that didn’t feel aligned with where I wanted to go so I decided to pursue my marketing and PR background.
This leads me to where I am today, the Head of Marketing at Faithfull.

What are some of your favourite things working for Faithfull The Brand?
The opportunity to implement inspiring people and aesthetics and workshop them into a Faithfull way for marketing. Faithfull works with incredible, likeminded people and brands and I love connecting with them and creating magic together.
The brand and business itself, Faithfull, has deep engrained business values that also make me love working for them, each and every day. They genuinely care about their footprint, people and the planet.

You recently welcomed your second child into the world. Congratulations! How have you found the transitition from one to two?

Thank you! It’s been a whirlwind - especially with my first born being in the turbo toddler stage but one I am beyond grateful for. My husband and I feel so blessed and as hard as the days can feel, not one of them is taken for granted.

Balancing becoming a mother alongside a career. Your tips for this dynamic?

"Organisation, sleep and learning to ask for help along with being able to say no."

It’s all hard and a juggle but something I heard and implemented is; before bed each night, set yourself up tonight to be your best tomorrow. Little things like prepping the water bottle, a morning activity etc the night before so when my toddler wakes, he’s occupied and I can attend to my newborn without too much turbulence.
Asking and seeking the help you need is so important. My husband and I don’t have any family close by so we have a nanny alongside daycare.


"Learning to say no has also been hard but so important. Sometimes a night out isn’t worth the hassle but trust me, there are times when it’s absolutely needed and then it’s a big well deserved yes!"

Dressing during pregnancy and postpartum. Your style tips?

This one I struggled with massively second time around!
Lululemon tights were my go to (the high rise) and big oversized t-shirts from Uniqlo. When I wasn’t in my uniform above, I lived in floaty dresses and matching oversized shirts with elasticated pants.

Favourite brands you wore on repeat when you were pregnant?
Faithfull, Lululemon, Uniqlo, Skims.


What is your go-to-mum uniform when you have 5 minutes to get ready?
A matching shirt and pants set from Faithfull, my MUMMA MILLA bra underneath (because I won’t make the same mistake as my first postpartum and use disposable breast pads- uncomfortable and bad for the environment) and either a sneaker or sandal.


The top 3 products for your baby that you can't live without?

"I’m a big carrier mum, especially with a toddler as this makes me kind of hands free. So I love my Artipoppe carrier, a hat for bub (Tiny Cottons is super cute) and her little bag with all key essentials for on the go (nappies etc)"

We've heard you're a fan of our MUMMA MILLA leakproof bralettes! We'd love to hear what you think of them, and why they've made breastfeeding a little easier for you?

Honestly, I wish I knew about them for my first time around.
They are so comfortable, effortless to wear and just make life so much easier. 
Previously I was buying disposable breast pads which are not only uncomfortable and bulky in the bra, but they are bad for the environment and a hassle to thing about and keep buying.

"The MUMMA MILLA bra is everything a new mum and second time round mum need as it’s machine washable, no extra hassle of having to think about constantly buying new breast pads and the shapes are so perfect for wearing under any outfit."

Tarra wears our leakproof night bralette in black underneath her silk shirt.

Follow Tarra here @tarraorssich
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