At home with: Jahna Barraclough

At home with: Jahna Barraclough

Mum to Benji, and pregnant with baby number two on the way, Jahna Barraclough from Auckland, New Zealand invites us into what life is like being pregnant with a toddler, her favourite skin care labels, and her advice to other mums out there.


Things you're most looking forward to
Seeing my eldest, Benji become a big brother. We’re so excited. 

 Your self care rituals
Taking time to go to the gym, take a walk, have a quiet moment to do my skincare in the morning and evenings.

 Three words to describe yourself
Passionate, warmhearted, gentle.

Your favourite things about having a baby in your belly
I can confirm that I have had extra sweet treats throughout my pregnancy.

 Your favourite things your children have said about your belly
Benji gives him kisses everyday. He also adores singing to him and chatting away.

 Things you do to cope as a pregnant mum with a toddler
I honestly think I'm on autopilot and sometimes forget I'm pregnant until I've pushed too hard and need to rest. It can be tough juggling work, growing new life and raising a crazy toddler who pushes boundaries! 

What will you do differently with baby #2
I've already changed a few things in preparation, for example I've changed from a normal bassinet to a side co-sleeper for easier night feeds. I'll learn to trust myself more and have confidence! It's scary with your first born having no idea and diving headfirst but I now know all the necessities and things that are a waste of time/money.

Your favourite pregnancy products you’ve fallen in love with
My body oil for my belly. Pure Mama is my favourite.
Bestow beauty skincare and supplements are also on my list. They have supported my overall well-being whilst growing baby.

Your go-to favourite meal 

Star sign

What have you been wearing and living in this Summer
Did we even have a Summer? This year has been so terrible that I hardly had a chance to pull out my fave shorts. I'm a big fan on linen, effortless linen pants and a singlet.

The one thing you love about the MUMMA MILLA bralettes
COMFORT! Wow! I could live in the Mumma Milla bralettes. 

Your favourite thing in baby’s nursery
The boys will be sharing a bedroom so a lot of styling is already done.
I'll be adding a few extra pieces to complement how their room is styled. Once this baby is born I cannot wait to get another personalised plaque like Benji's, they're so special and keepsake wooden boxes. 

Your advice to other mums, mums-to-be out there
Don't compare your self to other mum and bubs. All babies are different, they all develop differently. Take pieces of advice from people that work from you. Everyone will have an opinion, but you do what works best for you!

Follow Jahna's journey @jahna_barraclough 


Jahna wears our leakproof day bralette in black, and the night bralette in nude. 


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