Conversations with Yoga Teacher, Model, and now Mum, Natalia Shimarova

Conversations with Yoga Teacher, Model, and now Mum, Natalia Shimarova

Meet Yoga Teacher and model Natalia Shimarova.

She answers some questions about motherhood, her favourite things about her baby, and what she does for self-care.
The first word that comes to mind about being a mom :
Beyond everything. Incredible experience only women can go through
Three words to describe yourself:
Brave.  Stubborn.  Empathic

What do you do for work:
I’m yoga teacher and international model

Things you're most looking forward to:
I'm excited to live life and achieve more goals
Your self care rituals:
Yoga, no matter what, I do my practice almost every day.
Bath with salt and other goodies, it's like meditation. 
Books are a big part of my life.
It makes me feel alive and gives my brain support
Your favourite things to do at home:
Morning coffee on the balcony 100%

What has been the one thing that’s surprised you the most about being a mother :
I'm more surprised at the stage of development of the baby, it happens so quickly. It seems only yesterday he slept for half a day, and today he is already crawling and getting up with a difference of 5 months. How?! 
What were the most helpful things your family/friends did
when you first gave birth :
Any help in the beginning is so important, just that they were always around and literally helped with everything(cooking, cleaning etc)and my partner brought me breakfast every morning, it was very nice.
Any birth tips or advice?  
 Every woman has her own unique experience of course, but I would recommend writing a birth plan (even if it will not be exactly that) and giving it to your partner or midwife and just trust your journey.
Don’t give up with breastfeeding, even when you have sore nipples, it's the most beautiful part of being a mom and woman. 
Your favourite postpartum products you’ve fallen in love with :
I definitely recommend to continue use coconut or almond oil for belly and chest after labor as well.
I used for a while the support waist trainer from bumpsuit brand.
To be honest, I didn’t need much, I just choose what resonates with me during this period-comfortable was a key. 
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go.:
I would fly to visit my family
Your go-to favourite meal:
  Forever sushi 
Star sign:
What have you been wearing and living in this season :
 I often wore a hat this season, never happened to me before.
The one thing you love about the MUMMA MILLA bralettes
It’s just super practical and comfortable, and it has become one of the main elements of my wardrobe.  
It doesn't matter what I'm doing, going for a walk or doing yoga.
I wear a top and I'm done. Definitely made by a mom for moms!
Your favourite thing about your baby
I love how soft his skin is, he is very huggable and kissable. I just love him.

Natalia wears our leakproof day bralette in black.

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