Makeup, Babies + Motherhood with Amelia Webb

Makeup, Babies + Motherhood with Amelia Webb

Your favourite thing about being a makeup artist
I love being creative and love being able to make someone else feel special.

 The words that come to mind about being a mum of two
Lucky, grateful, challenging, love

What is your go-to beauty routine when you only have five minutes
Skincare, Brows and a little mascara and tinted lip balm

Your top beauty products you can’t live without
Tubing Mascara, (Mcobeauty Xtend)
Lash Brow pencil,(Benefit cosmetics - Precisely My Brow)
Brow Build (Fluffi Beauty)
Lip balm (Laneige Tinted Lip Balm)

What has been the one thing that’s surprised you the most about motherhood
It's really hard to switch off. To be honest I don't think you'll ever switch off even when you have time to yourself.

Life with a toddler and newborn. Words that come to mind!
So beautiful and special yet the most challenging thing I have ever done. I thought one was hard but two is a total game changer. 

Your favourite three postpartum products that helped you during the first few months 
after giving birth
Comfy underwear, a Breast Pump, Foraged for You Mother's Blend 

Squeezing in some self-care/self-love/nourishment, especially those first few weeks after giving birth is important. What did you do to look after 'you'.

Healthy food(wearenouri) was amazing for this, they supply the most delicious meals for postpartum mums. Foraged Mother's blend was amazing to nourish the body while breastfeeding and just keeping super hydrated.

Your favourite quick meal you put together when life is busy.
Scrambled eggs on toast 

Do you have any tips for mums out there about to embark on their breastfeeding journey.
Breastfeeding is extremely challenging. Don't try to put yourself under too much pressure and try not to listen to unsolicited advice. 

Breastfeeding can be tricky for some, easy for others.
Did you have some highs/ lows.

I was extremely lucky with my feeding journey with both Aston and Lottie. I fed Aston for 6.5months which I was so lucky to have done. Lottie I fed for 4 months. I found it quite hard with Lottie to feed as I was still running around after Aston and didn't really have the time to sit for long periods to feed her. I was very happy to stop with her at 4months and still found that such an accomplishment. 

The one thing you love about the Leakproof MUMMA MILLA
cami and bralettes

THEY ARE SO COMFY and I couldn't believe how leakproof they really are. I wore a silk dress out once with the bra and I did not leak through the dress all night. Not even a little bit. I would wear it to bed every night as it was the only bra I
trusted to not leak. 

Your advice for new mums out there.
You're never alone with the challenges of motherhood. With every challenge comes one of the most incredible moments with your child. 

@makeupbyameliawebb wears our Leakproof Cami.


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