The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

It's time to Nest, and, pack that Hospital Bag.

I have to admit, my hospital bag was a little different to my first one. Having a second baby certainly prepares you, including knowing what you most definitely need in your hospital bag

Here's our list of what's great to pack.

1. Comfortable lounge wear / nightie
2. A robe
3. Comfortable slides / slippers
4. Underwear, on the larger side, at least 5 pairs!
5. Comfortable Nursing Bras (Try our leakproof day and night bralettes)
6. Compression tights or high waisted postpartum undies for support
7. Ice packs for boobies and stitches down there
8. Toiletries bag with your essentials
9. Pads and disposable undies in case

1. Newborn singlets x 4
2. Onesies x 4 (Make sure a couple of them are the smallest size 0000)
3. Soft Socks and a beanie
4. Swaddles x 2
5. Soft warm baby blanket
6. Sterilised Dummy
7. A packet of nappies 
8. A packet of wet wipes
9. Nappies

1. Snacks! Granola bars, nuts (collagen protein bars were my favourite)
2. A large bottle of water
3. Headphones so you can listen without waking up baby
4. An outfit for when you leave the hospital
5. Baby carrier / capsule

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