Focus: The Founder

Focus: The Founder

MUMMA MILLA was launched by Jenna Nelkovski in May 2022, with the intention of creating maternity pieces she couldn’t find.

A vision was conceived 3 years ago whilst packing suitcases for their first holiday to Greece with their 6-month old baby.  Squeezing in boxes of disposable nursing pads made her think that there must be an easier and better alternative: Why can’t our nursing bras also include leakproof layers to help with unexpected spills, and also negate wearing packets and packets of  disposable nursing pads.

With a minimalist philosophy of ‘less is more’ she began her journey and developed a product that combines functionality with aesthetic; a bralette that is attractive, easy to wear and also gives the environment a helping hand. 

With the demands of running a hospitality business and juggling work in between breastfeeding both of her boys, she quickly saw a need for a nursing bra that was an ‘all-in-one’ after going through boxes of disposable nursing pads over the years, that were binned each week. 

They say that one year of breastfeeding equates up to an estimate of 1800 hours and particularly during the newborn phase a mother can end up nursing anywhere from five to eight hours a day. 

MUMMA MILLA bralettes have also been designed to be simple and modern so they can be worn with everything and ensure they have longevity in our wardrobes. 

Her mission was to create a product for women to make them feel comfortable, confident and womanly during a time when our bodies go through a rollercoaster of fluctuations and changes. 

Offering a modern approach to maternity wear, MUMMA MILLA launched in May 2022 with its very first collection of luxurious leakproof nursing bras that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also give the environment a helping hand with their built in leakproof fabrics.

Going against the grain and creating a non- conformist seamless maternity bralette, our current range is seamless, clip-free, clasp, free and made from hypoallergenic buttery soft bamboo, designed to move with you as your body shifts and changes throughout your pregnancy and postpartum stages. 

Our collection extends beyond being a basic maternity item, giving mums the opportunity to wear a piece that marries maternity with minimalism, combines functionality with comfort and also allows for the intimates to have longevity in our wardrobes with its multi-use design. 

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