Navigating Motherhood, Pregnancy and Two Toddlers.

Navigating Motherhood, Pregnancy and Two Toddlers.

Meet Rebecca Taylor.
A mindset mentor and coach, a mum of two, with baby 3 on the way.
She shares her pregnancy journey and a few tips for juggling a manageable
work- life balance.
The first word that comes to mind about being pregnant
There were three. Journey, rebirth, transformation 

Things you're most looking forward to
Most looking forward to my birth! I am also looking forward to the unknown adventure of watching my daughters personality unfold.
Your self care rituals
Essential oils every day!
Three words to describe yourself
Resilient, compassionate, authentic.
What do you do for work
I am a Mindset Mentor for women & mothers.
I facilitate the space for women to heal at an unconscious level, transform their beliefs and be empowered.
I also have a photography business.
Your favourite things about having a baby in your belly
The spiritual connection & surrendering to being slow.

What has been the one thing that’s surprised you the most about being pregnant
For me this time, the difference of being pregnant with my boys vs my girl. I had severe HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) with my first two pregnancies and somehow with this one I have managed extremely well in comparison.
Your favourite things your children have said about your belly
They are very aware of her and love to feel her little kicks. Selah often makes her crafts / drawings which is so sweet.
Things you do to cope as a pregnant mum of 2, almost 3!
Ask for help! Ask for what I want & need. And allow myself to receive.
What will you do differently with baby #3
Be. Very. Sloooow. I have released all pressure to “bounce back” I know how quick the time goes and how fast things change.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go.
Europe. Spain. 🤫 
Your go-to favourite meal
Steak for me is always a winner. But I do love a good Sunday roast.

Star sign
Proud Gemini
What have you been wearing and living in this Summer
In summer when pregnant I love to wear just a bikini and sarongs around.

The one thing you love about the MUMMA MILLA bralettes
They are leakproof! Which is simply, genius. Knowing I can be comfortable and there won’t be any sneaky milk leaks in this bralette makes one less thing I have to think about, so I can be completely hands on with my babies and enjoy my day!
Your favourite thing in baby’s nursery
So far, probably her sacred bundle rocker, such a beautiful piece. She’s a lucky little lady!
Rebecca wears our leakproof day bralette in black.
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