How To Choose The Perfect Baby Bag

How To Choose The Perfect Baby Bag

So you've purchased all your baby items, now you need something to put them in!

We chat to our friends at Alf The Label for some tips on what to look for when you're trying to find the perfect baby bag.


How to choose your perfect baby bag

There's a lot to consider when picking a baby bag. It's not just about carrying nappies - you want to ensure it works for your family, but also suits your personal style. This guide will help you find a bag that matches your lifestyle and keeps you prepared for anything.

Consider Your Needs

  • Size: Think about how much you'll need to carry. Newborns require less than toddlers who need snacks, water, and toys on top of nappies and wipes. Small outings might call for a compact bag, while longer trips require more space. Whichever size you choose, prioritise good organisation with plenty of pockets or packing pouches for easy access.

  • Carrying Style: Backpack, tote, shoulder bag, crossbody – the choice is yours! Backpacks are great for keeping your hands free, while totes and shoulder bags offer easy access. Can it be attached to a pram with additional straps? Consider convertible options that can transform to suit your needs.

  • Comfort: Look for backpack straps or a crossbody option to distribute weight evenly, especially as your little one gets bigger and you're carrying the bag more often. Hands-free wear is always useful as your baby grows.

Find Your Style

Baby bags come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Leather, eco-nylon, vegan leather – choose what suits your taste and durability needs. Some bags look more like everyday bags, while others scream "baby bag." Find one that complements your style and won't clash with your daily routine. Our friends at Alf the Label specialise in creating functional baby bags that have all the style and aesthetic of a handbag. So much so, they were the first parenting brand to ever showcase at New York Fashion Week, proving baby bags can still be beautiful and stylish.

Who Will Wear the Bag?

  • Primary Wearer: Consider who will be using the bag the most – you, your partner, or both?
  • Shared Use: Will the bag travel with your little one to daycare, grandparents, or babysitters? You might want a bag that works for everyone, or consider separate bags for each caregiver.
  • Modern Style:  Look for something that don't scream "baby bag” and could double as an everyday bag for the modern parent.
  • Unisex Options: Unisex backpacks and convertible bags are a great choice for shared use and offer maximum capacity and comfort in a stylish package.

Think Long-Term

A quality baby bag is an investment. While a cheaper option might be tempting, a well-made bag will last through multiple children and stages. Look for durable, easy-to-clean materials and consider how you might repurpose the bag later; be it as a work bag, weekender, or handbag.

Bonus Tips

  • Extra Features: Consider features like stroller attachments, wipeable lining and convertibility.
  • Read Reviews: See what other parents say about different bags before you buy.
  • Long-Term Use: Choose a bag that can transition from baby days to everyday use when the diaper days are over.

Finding the Perfect Match

The key to finding the perfect baby bag is to consider your lifestyle and needs. With a little planning, you'll find a bag that makes parenthood a breeze (or at least a little bit easier to manage!).

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