Pro Surfer, Mum-To-Be and Mentoring the Next Generation of Young Girls - Meet Ellie Brooks.

Pro Surfer, Mum-To-Be and Mentoring the Next Generation of Young Girls - Meet Ellie Brooks.

We're delighted to have Ellie Brooks chat to us at M. Magazine.

Recently announcing her pregnancy in March of this year, Ellie, an Australian Pro-Surfer shares what life is like for her now with a baby on the way,  and talks to us about passion project In Motion Surf. Being bullied at school herself, Ellie has created a place for young girls to find a physical outlet in surfing, but to also have access to being mentored along the way too. Ellie is passionate about developing confidence and self-belief in and out of the ocean for the younger generation.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Ellie Brooks, soon to be business graduate, professional surfer and mini passion project owner of In Motion Surf. A surf based mentoring business I developed during Covid for young girls. Encouraging confidence and self-belief both in and out of the water. I love adventuring, and capturing all the moments and memories along the way and about to become a first-time mum!
Congratulations on your exciting news. How are you feeling?
Thank you! It's very exciting! I am thankfully feeling great. Early days were a little rough and the adjustments of growing a tiny human mentally were tricky but am loving learning and adapting to my new body and discovering all that it is capable of. I feel being a professional athlete and transitioning was a little harder than I imagined but it’s made me realise how amazing the female body is!
Talk us through a typical day whilst being pregnant. Training, day-on-a-plate, etc.
It really changes quite often, but typically I’ll wake up have a glass of warm water and lemon before enjoying a little cup of coffee in bed. I have been enjoying slower mornings than usual. I manage a few social media accounts, so I get up to date with all their content then my own. I now need breakfast so will make a smoothie, yogurt and fruit bowl or eggs depending on what I’m craving. I try move my body whether that’s a walk, little work out at home, pilates or a surf. I am fortunate enough that I am still surfing so making the most of that. I am currently obsessed with fruit but try add protein when I can. A chicken salad wrap or sandwich is my go to at the moment and dinner I’ve been loving making sushi, spaghetti or steak and veg.
A pro-surfer that has travelled to surf all over the world.
What have been some of your highlights.
I’ve always loved the journey of getting to the final destination. All those little moments along the way really hold a special place in my heart. I’ve been very fortunate enough to compete and travel but before falling pregnant we were in Bali for a wedding and saw a swell pop up and got up early hours of the morning to head to G-Land. That was an unreal adventure my partner and I got to adventure too before we found out we had a baby boy on the way. Once falling pregnant I really appreciated all the travels and making the most of those spontaneous decisions. Life is fast and looking back at all those adventures made me feel very content for this next chapter.

You created a company In Motion Surf. Can you tell us a little bit about this?
I was bullied during school, I struggled a lot. When Covid hit I wasn’t travelling or competing for a little and had also undergone an ACL reconstruction so had A LOT of spare time. I noticed girls going through what I did and I wanted to help. It started as just surf coaching, but I soon realised that there is so much more to surfing than competing. Surfing has saved me and been my safe place. I wanted to encourage girls to have this same feeling.
What is your ideal of comfort and style. How have you been dressing so far with your baby bump.
Comfort is key! I’m still adapting to my new bump haha but currently loving some low rise baggy dad jeans with a tee. A flowy dress or active wea is also my go-to.
Some things you do to slow down and attend to some self care.
A paddle or swim in the ocean, a nice long walk in the fresh air or a bath.
Anything out in nature helps with my self care.

Ellie wears our leakproof night bralette in black.

Creating leakproof nursing bras came from a strong dissatisfaction of filling bins our with waste that damaged the environment. 
What is your stance on giving the environment a helping hand.
Being in the ocean as much as I am and enjoying all elements of nature helping and caring for the environment is something I feel very strongly about. Every little bit helps. I love that a brand like MUMMA MILLA is doing their part!
Your three favourite pregnancy products.

  1. MILLA MILLA leakproof bralette – the comfiest piece even before bub has arrived!!
  2. Chekoh Baby Carrier
  3. Bumpsuit Loungewear

You three favourite nursery items.
We’ve been gifted some beautiful things but one of our good family friends knitted us a baby blanket and it is so special. I need to get a tad more organised and start making some purchases for his nursery.
What are you looking forward to most about meeting baby.
Just holding him, I can’t wait to see what my partner and I have created together. And all the adventures we will get to do with our new little bestie!



You can follow Ellie and her journey here @elliejbrooksss

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